The Zootists are a powerful tribe who worship a reborn Zoot. Believing in "Power and Chaos," they seek to create disruption throughout the entire city and instil fear into all.

However, the Zootists were nothing more than a pawn for both Mega and Java's plans to force those in the city to accept their safety zone. Though publicly led by Ebony, it was Java who pulled all the strings, and who continued to keep Ebony in check with virtual reality illusions and with Darryl's help.

When the Zootists were formed by Ebony, Java and Siva, they took residence in their old high school, back where it all first began when Martin began the transformation into Zoot. They also took control of the local Zoo, using it as a cage for all disbelievers. The Zootists are outfitted in gear and clothing which resemble Zoot.

Goggles, wigs and leather jackets are all used to help create this illusion. They scream "power and chaos" and drive through the City in a replica police car like Zoot used to do. Short lived, the Zootists were eventually disbanded once both Slade and Siva helped Ebony to discover the truth. The situation was finally settled with a showdown between both Ebony and Java in Liberty. Only Ebony walked away from that encounter, but at the cost of losing Siva also.

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