Ebony and Java at school

Ebony and Java at the School

Newspaper office - In the first season, as the Mallrats search for answers about the virus, Lex and Dal visit a newspaper office in search of clues from the headlines of the last newspapers to be printed.

Hospital - Dal first visits a Hospital where his fathers office was located in Season One. Here he find antibiotics in order to help Trudy, risking his life while doing so. In season four the Technos plan on reopening the hospitals. In season 5, Slade keeps Darryl here so that he can rest up before he takes him to Liberty.

Government State Building - In season two, the Mallrats search government buildings in search of information for the virus, and hopefully answers for an antidote. Instead, Bray stumbles upon Danni.

The Library - In season five, Jay and Darryl use the library as a hideout within the safe zone as they make contact with the Mallrats.

The School - In season five, Ebony, Siva and Java use the School as their base of operations for the zootists. Siva wonders why and Ebony informs her it where the start of Power and Chaos began with flashbacks to Martin/Zoot yelling power and chaos in the classroom.

The Zoo - When Ebony and her sisters set up the Zootist tribe in season five, they use the Zoo as a place to cage up non-believers. A man named Kip has remained at the zoo to look after the animals ever since the virus wiped out the adults.

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