The Tribe: Birth Of The Mall Rats is the first novel in a planned series of novelizations of The Tribe, written by Harry Duffin. It covers the first half of series one.

As a novel, it provides deeper examination of the characters' thoughts and feelings than the television series could. Also, it features several scenes that take place outside the focus of the Mall Rats and thus, were not in the series. Most of these show the activities of the Locos.


Publisher's summaryEdit

The world began without the human race. Now, after a mysterious pandemic decimates the entire adult population, it looks as if it will end exactly the same way. Unless the young survivors - who band together in warring Tribes - overcome the power struggles, dangers and unexpected challenges in a lawless dystopian society to unite and build a new world from the ashes of the old. The Birth of The Mall Rats is the first story in a compelling series of novelizations of the global cult television phenomenon, The Tribe. Creating a new world in their own image - whatever that image might be...

Corresponding episodes Edit

Episode 1 2 3 4 5
Chapters 1–20 21–40 40–50 50–64


The book is available on an exclusive pre-order basis for The Tribe fans on Facebook, Twitter and Tribeworld? and will be available around mid-December 2012. Customers who purchase the book from Tribeworld along with The Tribe: A New World and Keeping the Dream Alive are in the draw for an extra special prize.



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