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The New Tomorrow is a series loosely related to The Tribe, sharing elements like tribes living in a world without adults. The target audience for The New Tomorrow is 8- to 12-year-olds whereas The Tribe had been aimed at a slightly older teenage audience.

The show lasted from 17 September 2005 to 9 December 2005, premiering on the Seven Network in Australia. The show only had one season consisting of 26 episodes. Due to low ratings, it was cancelled and not renewed for a second season.

Most fans generally dislike the show as it barely has any links to The Tribe and is very light hearted compared to its predecessor. Although Raymond Thompson has stated numerous times he remains proud of The New Tomorrow regardless of fan reaction. [1] [2]


The New Tomorrow Logo Cast

Cast of The New Tomorrow

The series was mainly conceived by producers Harry Duffin and Raymond Thompson because the main sponsor of the original The Tribe series, Channel 5, were more interested in a sequel that Ray had been developing, which aimed at a younger audience. Although the final version had many drastic changes due to needing a "C" classification, which the cancelled Series 6 failed to do. [3]

In Thompson's original idea, The New Tomorrow was a prequel. The character Sky was the great-great-grandfather of Bray and Zoot. [4] Ray also wanted to promote it as a sequel but would reveal a twist that it was actually a prequel, therefore meaning the characters were not the descendants, but the ancestors of The Tribe characters. [5] Although it's currently unknown if this is the case, and all evidence in the show points to it taking place after the events of The Tribe.

In an interview, Harry Duffin said the broadcasters messed up the original intent for the show: "Believe me, The New Tomorrow was a terrific series on the page, with an intriguing, fascinating link to the characters in the original series. Unfortunately, the TV 'suits' who put up the money also put their oars in and messed it up in the writing teams opinion." [6]

Despite Cloud 9's reputation for casting the same actors in all of their shows, no actors from The Tribe were cast. Some did work behind the scenes on the series, namely Caleb Ross (Lex) working on the sound foley and Vanessa Stacey (Alice) who was the vocal coach to the young actors of The New Tomorrow.


A mysterious virus has wiped out the adult population, leaving children to fend for themselves. Tribes of children now roam the lands, living in encampments of tents, crude primitive dwellings and caves.

Tribes such as the Ants who live and farm in a snow capped mountainous region and just want to live in peace, unlike the Barbs who control the rivers and forests and are determined to extend their rule.

It is the Privileged though, who strive for total dominance as well as perfection of look, style and attitude, even if it means oppressing their slaves – the Discards – who work on their plantations.


The Ants

The Ants

The first few episodes deal with establishing the characters and setting. The two rivaling tribes of the forest; the warrior Barbs, led by the headstrong Zora, and the farmer Ants, led by the religious and peaceful Faygar, both live in fear of two things: the machines, and the Privileged, a power-hungry tribe led by the equally power-hungry Flame, who is assisted by his advisor Harmony, and warrior leader Shadow.

The Barbs

The Barbs

An outsider named Sky finds his way into the Barb tribe; he doesn't know where he came from, and his memory is messed up. He quickly makes friends there. An Ant whose name is Dan meets the Barb tribe, and decides he wants to be Barb, and not an Ant. Later, the Privs attack the Barb tribe, but Flame is defeated by Sky, and runs away. During this time, Flame has also let one of the Discarded (the Privileged's slaves) become a Priv. Her name is Gwyn. Following the attack, the Barbs and the Ants decide they must work together; they join forces, and decide, to avoid argument, that Sky must lead the tribes that are now working together. They make their base in the Ant tribe, and despite a few arguments, are willing to try to get along.

The Privileged and Shadow

The Privileged

Flame sends Gwyn out as a spy to the tribes. She pretends to be an escaped Discard; she meets Dan, who is actually her brother. Despite her brother being there, she stays loyal to Flame and gives him crucial information. When she is going back to Privs (the Ants and Barbs don't know she's a spy yet) she asks Dan to come with her. He says no, and she goes back on her own. With the new information, Flame kidnaps Faygar and Sky when they are out on a patrol. The Ants and Barbs are devastated about this, and Zora takes lead of the tribes.

The Discards

The Discards

Shadow and Harmony both are starting to get sick of Flame's selfishness, and they begin to scheme against him. Eventually, Flame and the Ant/Barbs decide a way to settle their differences: a game of passball (which is similar to the game Rugby). The Privs narrowly lose, and Harmony overthrows Flame, and Flame is taken by the Ant/Barbs and is kept prisoner. Although Harmony promised they would work together, she betrays Shadow and Discards him.

The new tomorrow warps

The Warps (Priv Soldiers)

Faygar and Sky escape from the Discards: so does Shadow, and we don't see him again for the rest of the series (fans think he met with the 'Bird' tribe, see below). The tribes are overjoyed with the return of Faygar and Sky. Faygar and Zora have a few arguments, but then decide to share leadership of the tribe. Flame is set free, although he must work like the rest of the Ants and Barbs. Sky and Dan, out on a patrol, find a strange young boy, but it seems he can't speak. They take him back to the tribe and let him do what he wants.

Harmony needs a personal assistant. She chooses Gwyn. Although it seems like Gwyn is Harmony's slave at first, they soon become good friends. Very close, in fact. A mysterious Bird tribe comes and meets the Privs. It seems they want to trade. Harmony tells them they will meet with Zora and Faygar to discuss trading. Eventually, they do meet at a meeting. Harmony realises the tribes have more in common than they thought, and it's as if they suddenly become friends. Except for the rude Bird tribe, who soon leave. Harmony also realises that friends are more important than power, and hands the throne back to Flame, who has also changed, and decides to free the Discards. The Privs say they hope they get to have more nights like this. Gwyn thinks about staying with her brother, but decides to stay with Privs, knowing that they'll get to see each other again soon.

After the meeting, the Birds come back to the Ant camp. It turns out the stranger who came to their tribe was their leader's brother. The Bird tribe came to take the boy back. Sky asks why he doesn't talk, and the leader says, "He only talks about things he likes." (The boy only had two lines in the show "Only the Prototype" and "BROTHER!". This means he likes his brother, and the machines). The 4 tribes now seem unified. The Birds leave, and the cast members of the Ant and Barb tribes stand around in a circle and Faygar says, "I'm sure we'll have many more adventures to come." They put their hands together and say "Yay!" and the credits end.


No Tribe[]

  • Sky (played by Nick Fenton) – He is a mysterious outsider, who first comes across The Ants, and then grows close to The Barbs and Zora, though he refuses to join any tribe. Sky's origins are a mystery, even to him.


  • Faygar (played by Zoë Robins) – She is the leader of The Ants, and the chief priestess in the Ants' "ancestor" religion.
  • Dan (played by Rafe Custance) – Initially a member of The Ants but he resists their beliefs such as their worship of the Mall Rats. He likes the way of life The Barbs have and is eventually allowed to join them after having to go through an initiation ceremony.
  • Omar (played by Trey Brown) – He is very protective of The Ants, and is distrustful of outsiders. He also dislikes Dan.
  • Cass (played by Paige Shand-Haami) – She is the cook for The Ants' tribe. Cass is a caring girl who likes to help and comfort others.
  • Sal (played by Abbey-May Wakefield) – She is only 6 years old. She has a pet pig named Star, and is very protective of the tribe's animals.


  • Zora (placed by Felicity Milovanovich) – She is the leader of The Barbs. She feels there is something familiar about Sky by asking him if he is "...sure he hasn't been in these parts before?"
  • Kwarli (played by Thomas Steventon) – He likes to help all people and do what he feels is best for all, not just what is best for his tribe.
  • Jag (played by Joshua Rippon) – He doesn't like outsiders and feels that the protection of other The Barbs is important above all other things. (episodes 1–16)
  • Erin (played by Arthur Caughley) – He is the younger brother of Leanne. He is often lazy, and is a mischievous trouble-maker.
  • Leanne (played by Katie Alexander) – She is the older sister of Erin, and is often annoyed by his antics.

The Privileged[]

  • Flame (played by Cameron Wakefield) – He is the leader of The Privileged and a bully. Flame really doesn't go much on Harmony or Shadow but can't say anything, because they are the closest thing to a family member or friend that he has.
  • Harmony (played by Lara Custance) – She is the chief adviser to Flame, though she secretly harbours reservations about Flame's leadership.
  • Shadow (played by James Shaw) – He is the leader of The Warps, The Privileged's army, and bodyguard to Flame. He is a great fighter and has a battle scar over his left eye. He keeps a pet rat in his room at "The Priv" headquarters. He is later "discarded" during Harmony's coup, but soon escapes. (episodes 1–24)
  • Gwyn (played by Henrietta Steventon) – Once a Discard, Gwyn is picked to become a "Priv", though she hasn't forgotten what it is like to be Discard and treats her Discard servants with respect, unlike the other Privileged. She is later picked by the Privs to be their spy on The Barbs and The Ants, with the conditions being – if Gwyn is successful and gets useful information on the two tribes, and on the mysterious Sky, then she will remain a "Priv"; otherwise she will be thrown in The Forbidden Zone. It is on this mission that Gwyn discovers her long lost brother, Dan, who by then is a member of The Barbs.

The Birds[]

  • The Stranger (played by Jimmy Kwan) – He is the youngest brother of Sunni and Lord Attil. He goes into The Ants camp during the passball game and steals Kwarli's boots, Zoot's goggles, and all of the hens' eggs. Later while Erin is fishing, he steals Erin's bicycle. He doesn't speak and is thought to be mute when first discovered by Sky and Dan. (episodes 19–26)
  • Sunni (played by Garrett Chin) – He is the brother and messenger of The Birds leader Lord Attil. (episodes 24–26)

Connections with The Tribe[]

The New Tomorrow Cave Paintings

The Cave Paintings

The New Tomorrow Mall Picture

The Ants's picture of the Mall

It is still unclear as to how this show relates to The Tribe however there are several links which have been clearly established:

  • The events of The Tribe are described to be many years ago. [7]
  • The Ants worship Bray as the Ancestor who will return and save them all. [7]
  • The Ants believe that Zoot is an evil force who will come to tempt them. [7]
  • It's mentioned that with Zoot's reign came technology. This might be referring to the Technos and The Collective who used Zoot's legacy to further their cause. This era was referred as the "terrible darkness." [7]
  • The Mall Rats are mentioned several times, they are described during the time of peace when Bray defeated Zoot as "the time of the Mall Rats". [7]
  • After the time of the Mall Rats, Zoot returned a 2nd time and the "terrible darkness" came upon the land again. This caused "the Great Wandering" which many of the characters remember before finding each other and forming their tribes. [7]
    • It's theorised by some fans that because the Zootists are still present in the novels, they could have done something catastrophic which caused the older kids to disappear into parts unknown while the younger kids are left in the land to wander alone. Thus the event dubbed as "The Great Wandering."
  • The Monster Machines which wander the Forbidden Zone are mentioned to have been likely birthed during Zoot's 2nd return. [7]
  • The Ants have photographs of the Mall which they believe to be a spiritual place. Sky, it would appear, knows of the Mall. They believe Bray will one day return to bring them to the Mall. [7]
  • When Sky discovers the cave; he mentions that he sees "a boat drawing away and then a door." This could reflect The Tribe Series 5 ending, where the Mall Rats escape from the City by boat. [8]
  • The cave has paintings of Zoot and Bray, along with a Phoenix and the Mall Rat pentagram. [9]
  • The cave has paintings of two babies. These are Baby Bray (Amber and Bray's baby) and Brady (Trudy and Zoot's baby). [10]
  • The Ants believe that if the descendants of Bray and Zoot ever came together, a great darkness will cover the land. [11]
  • Faygar is shown to have somehow acquired Zoot's goggles, which look considerably different. She mentioned she got chocolate from a stranger during "The Great Wandering" and likely got the goggles from someone during that same period. [12]
  • None of the characters in The New Tomorrow are over the age of 13 which has led to the suggestion that they may have been within the vicinity of the virus released by Ram's AI however this remains only speculation, with no supporting evidence provided in the series.
  • In Episode 9, Sky finds a locked door in the ground that is described in the cave paintings. His attempts at opening it fail when a machine attacks him and he flees. Neither Sky nor any character visits this door again, leaving it a mystery as to what was actually inside.
    • Some fans theorise that the locked door might be an entrance to a bunker that houses the original Mall Rats who are now adults. This theory goes that the now adult Mall Rats hid in the bunker possibly due to a new virus that does not affect younger kids, with the Monster Machines placed by unknown evil forces to prevent the door from being found and opened. The cave paintings are instructions left behind for the younger kids to open the bunker door when the time is right. But this theory is only speculation with no confirmation whatsoever.
  • There has been much speculation that Sky and maybe some of the other characters in The New Tomorrow may in fact be the children of Characters from The Tribe as most of them bear similar personality traits:
    • Sky might be Baby Bray as he is similar to Bray, both are mysterious loners.
    • Zora resembles Amber as both are fiery leaders of their tribes. Although Zora is nastier.
    • Faygar resembles Tai San and Ebony. She is deeply spiritual and constantly clashes with Zora, similar to Amber and Ebony's rivalry.
    • Omar resembles a mixture of Lex and Dal. He was initially hostile to Sky and is a farmer.
    • Kwarli resembles Ryan as both are generally friendly and not the brightest.
    • Cass resembles Salene as both are mother figures and cooks.
    • Sal resembles Cloe as both are animal lovers and have a pet pig. She becomes bossy later which is similar to Cloe's development in Series 4.
    • Erin resembles KC and Sammy. They are naughty and rebellious.
    • Leanne resembles Patsy, Gel and Zandra. They are into the comforts of home.
    • Jag resembles Lex and Ved. They are very aggressive.
    • Flame resembles Ram as both are spoiled charismatic leaders.
    • Harmony resembles Java and Zandra. Scheming like the former and materialistic like the latter.
    • Shadow resembles Jay and Luke. They were initially loyal to their master but later rebelled and left.
    • Gwyn resembles May as both are two faced and betrayed their tribes by spying.



  • The opening sequence uses footage reused from The Tribe, particularly using the newscaster broadcast and the final episode. It also uses Tribe Spirit as the opening tune and not an original song.
  • The title of the show is borrowed from the headline of Ebony's election poster in Series 3. [13]
  • Most of the music on the show was simply reused from The Tribe, particularly from Series 4 - 5.
  • The show does not feature any romantic relationships between the characters. The closest to this is Flame and Harmony, who are shown as partners rather than lovers.
  • Shadow and Jag are the only characters whose whereabouts are unknown after the series concludes.
  • Characters Flame, Shadow, Harmony and Omar were originally written into the first two scripts of The Tribe Series 6 that was cancelled. These were featured as Bonus Items on the The Tribe: Series 5 DVD.
  • Zoe Robins who portrayed Faygar, would later be known as Hayley Foster/White Ninja Steel Ranger of Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017).
  • The Ants belief system, like The Chosen and the Zootists, resembles the religion of Christianity.
    • Bray is viewed as a God-like figure who they pray to and give thanksgiving before meals. Christians also have a prayer of thanksgiving before eating meals.
    • They believe Bray will one day return to bring them back to the Mall, which is viewed as a special place. Christians believe Jesus will return again to take believers to heaven at the end of the world.
    • Zoot is viewed as a Satan-like figure who seeks to tempt and destory them.
    • The Ants story of Zoot wrecking havoc on the land, Bray saving it once and promising to return again is just like the overall story of the Bible where Satan caused humanity to fall into sin, making the Earth filled with evil. Jesus came to save by being the remedy for sin, and will return again to destory Satan permanently and redeem humanity.
    • Faygar resembles something of a priest as she is the leading influence of the Ants. She prays at a shrine and believes she can interced for the Ants. Catholicism also has priests and shrines.
  • Raymond Thompson says it will be revealed one day whether The New Tomorrow takes place in the distant past or the distant future. [14]
    • However, the sequel novels appear to be bridging the gap between The Tribe and The New Tomorrow. This is particularly seen in The Tribe: (R)Evolution (2019) as Flame and The Privileged appear, although they do not play an important role in the story. Meaning The New Tomorrow takes place after The Tribe.


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