The Technos were a highly sophisticated tribe which specialised in technology.

Founded by the eccentric computer genius Ram.

The Technos are a highly intelligent and advanced group of people led by a wheelchair bound genius, Ram, who invaded the City in order to bring order to the chaos. They truly believe that they are benefiting all those who live in the City by restoring electricity, food and water, and all for just some co-operative labor on the citizens part.
Jay and Ram

Jay and Ram

The Technos reside in the hotel, Ram's Palace, which used to belong to Ebony, a place where they run their base of operations while residing in the City. Though the Technos do not possess extremely large numbers, they more than make up for this disadvantage by the technology that they wield: which includes zappers and

Jay Ram Ved

Ved, Ram, and Jay

Reality Space capabilities. In Season 4 Jay said that The Technos are not a tribe. The distinctive symbol of the Technos is a small black 'T' design surrounded by a red circle. What also distinguishes the Technos from any other tribe is the full length black and silver uniform that that wear, and the silver masks that are used to conceal their individual identities. Leadership of the Technos changed hands once Ram was defeated by the Mallrats. Mega and Java instantly gained power. Mega let the Mallrats believe they were in charge but he, with the help of Java, created the threat of the Zootists, in order to manipulate the city into thinking the Technos need to take control of the city.

Ram, Java and Siva

The Technos were lead by Ram and Jay as his General. Java and Siva were Ram's wives and had considerable control over The Technos as they were Techno Commanders.

Java, Siva and Ebony were sisters.

Java, Siva and Ebony