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possibly 16 or 17 (series 4)


unknown; most likely alive


Wrecking Crew (former) Mall Rats


The Mall

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2 younger brothers

Significant others

Dee (Girlfriend)

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"What are we all here for if we can't spend time with the people that we wanna spend time with? What's life all about?" - Patch

Patch was a shy and nervous character who could be described to be a bit 'geeky'.

He was the computer genius brought in by Pride in Series 4 when the Mall Rats wanted to override the Technos' systems - namely City Net.

He helped Amber break into CityNet, after the Technos took his two little brothers. After becoming head physician at the hospital, he is kidnapped by Java and held to help heal Ram. When the players attack the Mall, looking for Jay, Patch confesses his love to Dee - an ex mosquito.

Patch forms a relationship with Dee and at the beginning of Series 5 we are told by Amber that the two have left the city after helping to overthrow the Technos to find his brothers and begin a new life elsewhere.

Patch is naturally awkward and clumsy -- which can make him both endearing, as in some cases with Dee, or very annoying, such as when his clumsiness results in messing something up. However, Patch is very kind to all those who meet him, and he becomes the lead "Doctor" when the Hospital is reopened.

He enjoys helping out the tribe in anyway possible, such as cleaning up dishes, cooking meals, or being guard and on the lookout. He cares about those around him, and doesn't want them to be upset. When he wrote Dee a love letter, she thought it was a break-up letter, so she turned away from him upsettedly. Patch took notice of this and reasured her that it wasn't anyting bad, and once she began to read it, he asked her, "Is it okay?"

He's a really sweet guy, and he and Dee run away together without saying goodbye, leaving behind a note that Amber finds and reads to the rest of the Mallrats.

Trivia Edit

  • Patch had a collection of viruses before the real virus came. He used one of his viruses to temporarily break CityNet.