Dal and Troy

Dal and Troy

The Nomads are a slaver Tribe, which travel under the guise of friendly travellers in order to lure their next victims into a trap. They capture the wandering and alone, trading them to powerful tribes for supplies.

The Nomads have an encampment located near the beach, as well as travel the roads and areas surrounding the city.

The only identifiable mark that the Nomads wear is a small blue insignia on the left side of their face, just beside the eye. Apart from this, their clothing usually consists of soft colours like white, cream or sky blue making them seem peaceful in appearance.

The Nomads made their appearance back in series 1, having captured Dal and introducing us to Sasha. After the Mallrats rescued their friends during the Tribal Gathering, that was the last that we saw of them. Slave traders were mentioned again in series 3 with the arrival of Ned, Andy and Tally but it is unknown whether the tribe in question were the Nomads.