There are many places in Tribeworld. You can read a general overview of the City.

Within the City Edit

Within the City there are many places that feature in the show.

The Mall - The Home of the Mallrats.

Started by jack with the help of his father, Jack give refuge to Amber and friends, This is the home and founding of the Mallrats.

Horton Bailey Hotel - The Home of The Locos, The Chosen, Ebony & The Technos throughout the series.

Used as Ebonys palace with the locos, they commanded there forces from here, later used to house the city Milita that policed the city, after season 3 the Technos used it as there center networking base.

Train Yard - Another home of the Locos.

Trian Gravyard where disused trians where left, in the tribe world this place houses many lost children and small tribes, the locos took this place soon into season 1 and used to to camp and host events with loco members.

Various State Buildings - A few of the state buildings.

Many goverment buildings where attacked dureing the last riot days, later many where burned down, thankfully the state building with the antidote was left with minor damnge, Danny was found liveing very well in her fathers place of work in a very larg and disused state building.


A makeshift bar with makeshift casino tables, after the fall of top hat and the mallrats rise to power, this place cleaned up its act and became a quit gathering, the peace was up held by bouncers, also patroling the streets where the city milita, by season 4 the casino changed to a night club adding the Technos network to attract even more teens looking for a good time.

Smugglers Tunnel.

a underground tunnel that connected two warehouses, not much to note and remianed empty till the barrier went up, This was used by the smugglers to import contra band and allowe travel for none registered people, in return for a fee, Zootists where not allowed to pass here.

Storage warehouse

Home building to the demon dogs, a large building filled with baby supplies, the demon dogs used this as a base for most of the show.

City Docks.

Even with the virus many teens started to gather around the docks makeing a small community of fishermen and traders, most of the docks was owned by the Hobo tribe till the chosen took over and used the docks to keep there supplies of petrol, the docks while rarly shown played a big part since the mallrats escaped with the help of a traveling trader.

Outside of the City Edit

Liberty - Liberty was a town discovered in Series 4 located not too far from the City.

Eco Camp - The home of the Eco tribe and where we discovered Amber/Eagle and Pride.

Eagle Mountain - Where the observatory was located. Also where Zandra lost her life.

Hope Island - Where the Mallrats searched for information on the Virus

The Beach - Primarily used for the Tribal Gathering

The Farm - Home of the Farmgirls and later used by The Mallrats and The Chosen

Unknown Town - A small community town for the middle class, Trudy lived here with her family, The town is located by two days walking past the beach, it was the last home town of Trudy,Bray,Zoot,Ebony, the town was overrun by slaver tribes who made a home here.

The gorge - Avast cliff edge with one steel bridge located to the north of the city, not many people travel past the gorge since there are only a few woodland villages and towns that dotted the land, This is where Jafar retreated with the most hardcore followers of the locos and started the chosen.

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