James Napier
James Napier played Jay in Series 4-5 of The Tribe.


  • Five months after the finale of Series 5 aired, James Napier would appear in Power Rangers Dino Thunder as Conner McKnight/Red Dino Ranger where he co-starred with Power Rangers legend, Jason David Frank, who reprised his role as Tommy Oliver.
  • A few months before the premiere of Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Napier appeared in the 2-part finale of the preceding season, Power Rangers Ninja Storm as Eric McKnight, who is the twin brother of Conner.  Ninja Storm also starred Sally Martin as Tori Hanson/Blue Wind Ranger.  Martin played the role of Kandi in two episodes of Series 4.
  • Dwayne Cameron, who many fans believe James Napier essentially replaced, would guest star in one episode of Dino Thunder.
JamesNapier dino

James Napier as Conner McKnight in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.