"Let me guess who you're talking about. Ebony. She swore her loyalty to me through lips as red as cherries, and then destroyed my life from the depths of a heart as dark as coal."
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Ebony is a major character in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth series of The Tribe, and the follow-up novels A New World and A New Dawn. Ambitious, manipulative and cunning, Ebony is a complex character who is neither good or purely evil - she often betrays the Mall Rats but redemption is gained by incidents where she saves them. Despite being power-hungry and out for number one, Ebony will, at times, show compassion to those who she loves.


Always out for number one, stopping at nothing to get what she wants, scheming to stay close to power. Scared of falling in love and being vulnerable, thinking she would always be disappointed and betrayed.


Before the virusEdit

Ebony was brought up in a “cesspit” and grew up the hard way, which gave her a need for control and power, and to never be vulnerable again. She learnt skills such as deceit and fighting, and gained a sexual expertise.[1]

2x14 Ebonyclass

Ebony enters class.

Ebony enrolled at Lincoln High School, the same school as Bray, in the same class as Martin, Trudy and Jaffa. In her first class, she entered without knocking and introduced herself as "Ebony—the new girl." She wore a shorter skirt than the rest of the girls, and had modified her school uniform to reveal more skin.

Ebony quickly became interested in Bray, and overheard his younger brother Martin being turned down by Trudy when asking her to the school dance. She stole a love letter written by Martin to Trudy and showed it to Bray, explaining that Martin had a look of desperation on his face when talking about him, and she had read stuff—"what some guys do when a girl turns him down." She told him Trudy liked both brothers and couldn't make up her mind.

Ebopre (11)

Ebony with Bray at the dance.

Bray went with Ebony to the school dance. The two made out on the dance floor, and Ebony made sure that Trudy—who had been turned down by Bray and gone with Martin—was watching. Ebony and Bray became an item, but Bray was worried about his parents who had gotten a virus, and wanted to spend time with them rather than making out with Ebony. Ebony said he was being paranoid—that it was probably just some flu.

It proved to be far more serious than a flu. In class, the students were told they would be evacuated to the countryside and brought back to the city as soon as the danger had passed. Martin, who had just lost his parents, asked "What is the point of lessons unless you're going to teach us survival?" and told the teacher he was next. Wearing white contact lenses, he declared that his new name was Zoot and told everyone that there would be a new order, and they had two choices: join him or die! He stood on his desk and shouted "Power and chaos!" repeatedly, which Ebony found incredible. As she went to tell Bray about the event, she saw him comforting Trudy.[2]

With The LocosEdit

Ebony and Zoot

Ebony by Zoot's side.

After Zoot's stunt in the class room and seeing Bray with Trudy, Ebony decided to join Zoot—the new love of her life.[2] There were many rivals for his affections, but Ebony had beaten them by brute force or deceit.[3] Zoot formed a tribe named The Locos with himself as leader and Ebony by his side as his woman and lieutenant,[4] which became the most feared tribe in the city.

The Locos would patrol the streets in their police car, spreading fear across the City while looking for slaves to capture. They pursued their enemies intensively, and fought rivaling tribes—such as the Demon Dogs—when the opportunity arose.[5][6][7] Ebony’s job was often to respond to Zoot’s speeches and initiate and encourage the Locos, by example, to chant and cheer for their leader.[8]

1x01 - Locos vs Demon Dogs

The Locos facing the Demon Dogs.

Lex and Ryan wanted to join the Locos and arranged a meeting with the tribe. Negotiations were unsuccessful, and the Locos chased after the group, which eventually led them to a battle with the Demon Dogs. Ebony tended to Zoot’s wounds afterwards.[9][10] Zoot gave a speech to the Locos the following day, after which he and Ebony made love. She encouraged him to write down his speeches for future records, but he insisted that history and the future was dead.[11] This inspired him to gather the Locos for a session of burning books.[12][13] Later in the evening, Ebony and Zoot had a private moment, where he asked her if he could trust her, and whether she disapproved of the book burning. Ebony responded “What’s the point? You’ll only think I’m saying what you want to hear.”[14]


At the interrogation.

The following morning, Ebony ate a red apple for breakfast. Zoot asked her why she ate an apple, insisting that Locos only eat stuff that was bad for them, like junk food. Spike entered to tell Zoot that the “thing [he] wanted” was ready.[15] Ebony was forced to witness an interrogation and torture session of a Demon Dog, even though it made her sick, and was told to “deal with him” after the Locos were finished.[16]

Zoot took Ebony to a warehouse in the rail yards, which had been closely guarded for weeks.[17] It held a bright red tank, covered in Loco graffiti, which was used to attack the Demon Dogs at a secret meeting with other tribes in a cathedral.[18] Ebony was in charge of leading Locos camouflaged in hideouts during the attack. A Demon Dog threw a molotov cocktail into the tank where Zoot was standing.[19] Ebony attended to Zoot as he lay unconscious. As he awoke, he asked her if she would have been upset at his death. She told him that of course she would have been upset, and insisted that she didn’t want to be leader. Zoot challenged and teased her.[20]

Zoot called for a meeting to plot his revenge against the Demon Dogs, where he received a letter from a messenger. Zoot read the note and burnt it, and Ebony was intrigued.[21] She kept a close watch on Zoot afterwards, and noticed a change in his behaviour. She had tried to get around to the subject, but Zoot had pinched her, reminding her that she was not allowed to ask questions.[22] When Ebony awoke with a headache the following day, Zoot was missing from her side. She asked the Locos questions without revealing that he had disappeared, as she needed time to think.[23]

Leader of the LocosEdit

1x08 - Locos searching for Zoot

The Locos searching for Zoot.

Ebony took the role of stand-in leader for the Locos in Zoot’s absence, and initiated a search for him the day after his disappearance. They searched the city and interrogated dozens of people, but without success. Ebony worried that her newfound role of leader would be challenged by competitors such as Spike, and decided to prepare a plan of action.[24][25][26][27] She gathered the Loco squad leaders in the carriage head quarters and told them of a plan to attack the Demon Dogs instead of waiting for them to attack, as they would because the disappearance of the Zoot could make the Locos look weak.[28] The raid was successful, and Ebony let the Locos celebrate while she stayed in her carriage.[29] As Ebony had expected, Spike challenged her leadership and told her “The Locos need a man to lead them. Not a little girl.” He tried to attack her, but he was drunk and Ebony overpowered him easily.[30]

Ebony’s scouts had reported that the Demon Dogs were massing for a revenge attack. Using knowledge taught to her by Zoot, Ebony prepared for battle. Using a formation of two rings with police riot shields in the outer ring and longer weapons as spears in the inner ring, inspired by the Roman legion's technique for close combat, the Locos defeated the Demon Dogs.[31] Ebony kept sending out small search parties every morning, but there was no sign or word of Zoot. To herself, she was already convinced that he was dead, and began looking ahead.[32]

She decided to move the Locos from the rail yards to the Horton Bailey Hotel.[33] Ebony dressed up nicely and went to the Tribe Circus casino to talk to their leader Top Hat. She told him the Locos would take over the casino, while he could continue running it. Top Hat was reluctant, but Ebony threatened to torch the place. Top Hat argued that “no-one touches the casino. It’s a rule.” Ebony didn’t care, as the Locos were the most feared tribe in the city by then, and forced him to sign a contract.[34]

Ebony was haunted by nightmares and turned increasingly paranoid, double-locking her doors and sleeping with a weapon under her pillow. She also started feeling lonely and longed for physical contact, but reasoned that she had to be aloof in order to stay in control and continue her leadership.[35][36] There was a murder in the Loco camp, and Spike brought the culprit before Ebony as a way of testing her leadership abilities.[37] She conducted a trial and gave the verdict of guilty and, despite having sympathy for the culprit, sentenced him to death.[38] Instead of dealing with the execution herself, Ebony arranged a game of hide and seek where the Locos would chase and kill the culprit. He ran to the top floors and jumped off the roof.[39]

The events after Zoot’s disappearance made Ebony feel more secure in her role as leader, but she stayed cautious so it would not grow into arrogance. She maintained a principle of being strict about any hints of sexism in the tribe.[40]

Bray and the Mall RatsEdit

1x14 Zootsearch

Searching for Zoot in the woods.

Ebony had quizzed the Loco who brought the note to Zoot before his disappearance, and his description of the messenger matched Bray. Using the search for Zoot as a pretext, she led a search party to the woods surrounding the city.[41][42] They found nothing but trees and animals. Ebony was still determined to find Bray, and would not stop looking until she had found him and learnt the truth from him, and made him pay.[43]

Bray was later spotted near The Locos' camp at the rail yards and captured. Ebony interrogated him about Zoot’s whereabouts, and threatened to "let the boys have their fun" unless he answered her, and even suggested they might get it together after he told her what she needed to know. Being unsuccessful in obtaining any information from him, she cut his ropes while he was blindfolded and followed him back to The Mall without being seen.[44][45]


Ebony seduces Lex.

Upon entering The Mall, Ebony was captured by The Mallrats and locked in a cage. She told Bray, Lex and Amber that she was looking for Zoot and was sure they had him—which they denied. She was first guarded by Amber, who she criticised for being afraid and holed up in some rotten mall and gloated that she herself was fearless and able to go anywhere and do anything she wanted. When Amber revealed that she had stopped the rest of her tribe from killing her, Ebony warned that "you might live to regret that." Under Ryan’s watch, Ebony angered him by degrading Zandra, and almost got him to unlock her cage before Lex arrived and took charge. Ebony flirted with Lex, and he revealed to her that he had killed Zoot. She agitated him by ridiculing his fighting skills, he entered the cage and after a mock fight, they began kissing and undressing each other and have sex. After nightfall, Ebony locked Lex in the cage and escaped.[46]

After her return to The Locos, Bray approached her. He explained that The Mallrats meant no harm, that Zoot's death was a tragic accident, and he was given a dignified warrior's funeral. Ebony warned him that The Locos would want revenge when they discovered Zoot was dead. In return for her leaving The Mall alone, Bray gave her Zoot's talisman and the opportunity of keeping his name alive and starting a new religion, with her as high priestess and a direct line to God. Ebony told The Locos that she had a dream where Zoot spoke of a quest to find the ultimate power in the universe and appointed Ebony as leader in his absence. She used the talisman to convince them that her vision was real, and they accepted her as their new leader and queen.[47]

The Tribal GatheringEdit

Ebony invited leaders from many tribes to the hotel to speak with them about an upcoming Tribal Gathering.[48] Bray arrived to gather information about the gathering, and Ebony told him the bad days were over. She told him it was time for something new, that she wanted cooperation in everyone's interest, and the gathering was all about moving on.[49]

T1 33 lg

Ebony trades slaves at the gathering.

During the leaders' meeting at the Tribal Gathering, Ebony delivered a speech about progressing beyond warring tribes. Bray and Amber arrived as representatives for The Mallrats, and spoke of abolishing slavery. Ebony accused them of wanting to revert to the ways of the adults—who she blamed for the current state of the world—and did not see it as an alternative.

When picking slaves to purchase from The Nomads, Ebony chose Dal and Sasha. Amber pleaded with Ebony to release Dal as he was her friend, but Ebony refused and seemingly found pleasure in seeing Amber suffer.[50] Amber proposed a wager to Ebony; if Tai-San won the dance competition, Dal would be released; if she lost, Ebony would get both Amber and Dal as slaves. Tai-San won, but The Locos forced the MC to announce them as the winner, and Ebony claimed her winnings. Fights and riots initiated by Lex erupted between the tribes at the gathering, and Ebony's slaves fled the scene.[51]

Capturing Bray and LexEdit

1x47 Ebony

Ebony at the Mall.

Some time later, Lex arrived at the hotel to ask Ebony for help to defend The Mallrats against Tribe Circus. Ebony had him locked up and told him she had lost all respect from him now that he had changed from bad to good.[52][53] Lex managed to scare off her guards with his severely aged appearance caused by the virus. Fearing that she might already be infected, Ebony was forced to help him as the only real antidote was at The Mall. The Locos rescued The Mallrats from a fire left by Tribe Circus and demanded the antidote. They were reluctant, but Jack eventually gave Ebony a box containing the antidote. Amber took the box and threatened to destroy it, but when Ebony threatened to throw Bray from the balcony on the second floor, Amber gave in.[54]

Ebony brought Lex and Bray back to the hotel with her, where she gave Lex doses of antidote to see if it was working. Meanwhile, she attempted to seduce Bray, but he remained loyal to Amber and was not interested. Lex managed to scare off the guards once more, and poured all the vials of antidote into the pool as Ebony watched, unable to stop him. She had him thrown onto the streets as he was no longer useful to her.[55]

1x49 - Ebony massaging Bray

Ebony trying to seduce Bray.

Ebony maintained trying to seduce Bray, kissing him and trying to convince him she had changed, telling him she regretted having chosen Zoot over him. When Bray discovered that Lex was gone, he was angry with Ebony for throwing him onto the streets to die, and couldn't see that she had changed at all. As Ebony was sitting astride Bray rubbing sunscreen onto his back, a toy helicopter with a camera appeared overhead. Ebony guessed that Amber had sent it, and continued rubbing his back for the camera to see, despite his objections.[56] She continued to play mind games with him—questioning why Amber hadn't come to his rescue.

She eventually gave up on Bray, and ordered The Locos to abduct Amber from The Mall, telling them she had the formula for the antidote. Not wanting to take part in her revenge on Bray, they refused, and Spike thought he knew where to find the real antidote.[57] Spike brought Ebony fake antidote from a street trader, and Ebony threw the bottles to the ground and called him a bonehead for falling for a trick like that.

1x51 - Escaping the hotel

Ebony and Bray escape the hotel.

One night, Ebony was unable to sleep and awoke Bray. He revealed to her that Hope Island was the source of the real antidote. He told her The Locos were starting to panic, advised her to get out while there was still time, and invited her to join The Mallrats in their search for a cure. Ebony insisted that she was staying put, and so was he. Later, Spike and a group of Locos barged into Ebony’s room to declare that he was taking over, as she had gone soft after bringing in Bray. Ebony made a run for it, and with the help of Bray managed to escape.

With The MallratsEdit

Eagle MountainEdit

1x52 - Ebony and bus

Ebony with the rescue bus.

Bray and Ebony went to The Mall, only to find it deserted. Ebony found a message on a mirror saying "BRAY EAGLE MOUNTAIN".[58] She took a bus she had kept hidden from The Locos, and drove towards Eagle Mountain with Bray. On the way, they came across The Mallrats, who had been stopped by a manned barricade. They all boarded the bus, and drove through the barricade. The bus broke down by a stream, and Ebony was informed by Jack that they were following computer files which pointed to something big and important, while Tai-San said it was a spiritual journey which Ebony wouldn’t understand.

Bray approached Ebony and asked her to tell Amber there was nothing going on between them, as she thought they were an item after seeing them by the pool, and Ebony agreed. As Amber watched from the bus, Ebony told Bray to put his arm around her as she was cold. Ebony kept her word and talked to Amber, though did not seem convincing when speaking.

1x52 - Listening to message

The Mallrats and Ebony listening to the message.

After a long walk, they arrived at the Eagle Mountain observatory and entered. Ebony threw around sarcastic remarks about The Mallrats, and was about to reveal that Lex poured out the last antidote, before Bray took the blame. Jack was able to activate a monitor which searched the sky for a satellite. At first it found nothing, but eventually a satellite moved across the sky and broadcasted a message: "If you are listening to this, the only hope for humanity lies with you, whoever you are. Listen very carefully to what I have to say next..."[59] The message then revealed that there was an antidote, and all the major cities had it. Suddenly, an alarm sounded and an announcement told them to evacuate the installation, just before there was an explosion inside the observatory.[60]

3x07 - Ebony and Amber at Eagle Mountain

Ebony telling Amber to leave.

Ebony found Amber nearly unconscious inside the observatory, and brought her outside to the side of the mountain, away from the other Mallrats. There, she told Amber a lie about herself and Bray having a baby together, and used a photograph of them holding her friend's baby before the virus to convince her. She encouraged Amber to leave and be free. Amber passed out on the hillside, where Ebony left her and dug a grave with her name.[61]

The antidote and formulaEdit

2x02 - Collecting antidote

Lex, Tai-San and Ebony gathering the antidote.

As The Mallrats grieved the loss of their loved ones—Amber and Zandra—Ebony was eager to get back to the city and find the antidote. The Mallrats split into teams, and Ebony teamed up with Lex and joined by Tai-San, who felt the two could not be trusted. Their map led them to a government building. While Tai-San investigated the building, Ebony revealed to Lex her true intentions for wanting the antidote: power and chaos. She attempted to get him on her side, but he was not interested in excluding The Mallrats and told her he would “rather take a bath with a shark!” They found the antidote and returned to The Mall the next morning, each carrying a container of antidote. Ebony and Lex proposed their idea to sell the antidote for their own profit, but were strongly opposed by Bray and his new friend Danni, and eventually the rest of the tribe. [60][62]

Ebony visited Bray while he was grieving for Amber and came on to him, offering herself as a replacement for Amber, even suggesting they work together to take out not only The Mallrats—"but the world?" Bray guessed. She warned him "Just be careful, Bray. If you cross me, I might not be as understanding as I was last time."[63]

KC and Lex had given sick kids fake antidote as there was no real antidote left, and The Mallrats were planning to leave before they returned. Meanwhile, Tai-San had created the real antidote, and wanted to keep the formula to herself. Ebony helped collect plants and told Lex that they had to bide their time until they discovered how to make the antidote, and they could make a fortune, as everyone needed repeated doses. Ebony told Tai-San she admired her persistance, her skill, and most of all her genius for making everyone work for her. She reckoned the others would begin to question how necessary it was, and told her she knew of ways to deal with the problem, that nobody else needed to know about.

2x04 Militia and Ebony

Ebony and the Militia.

Spike, infected with the virus, broke into The Mall with some friends and threatened to break Salene's neck unless he was given the antidote. Ebony took charge of the situation and cut a deal with him: in exchange for Spike and three of his friends' muscle, he would receive the antidote. They were hired as The Mallrats' militia, working under Lex on Ebony's orders. Ebony went to revel in their newfound power base with Lex, but he rejected her when she tried to get intimate, and she walked away angry.[64]

2x05 Lex, Ebony and Tai-San

Lex and Ebony trying to kidnap Tai-San.

Alice broke into the Mall, furious that she had been given fake antidote for her little sister Ellie, and took the new antidote along with Tai-San as hostage back to the farm with her. Ebony, Lex and two militia members went on a rescue mission, and were accompanied by Danni. Ellie had been cured, and Tai-San was allowed to leave without a struggle. Ebony and Lex planned to kidnap Tai-San to gain control of the antidote, and wanted to take a different route on the way back. Alice and Ellie had followed them and caught up with them just in time to guide them on the right path. Alice appointed herself as Tai-San's new bodyguard, much to Ebony's dismay.[65]

The ChosenEdit

Danni and Bray had planned a meeting between the tribe leaders about disarmament, an end to slavery, freedom of movement and a program of public works to clean up the city, and wanted Ebony to be in charge of security at the meeting, while Lex was responsible for guarding The Mall. Lex was angered as he wanted to be involved in the meeting, but found no support in the others. He had expected Ebony to back him up, but she told him Bray and Danni were too strong and he should stay patient while they built the militia.[66]

2x07 - Ebony at leaders meeting

Ebony at the leaders' meeting.

The meeting was interrupted by a group in blue robes, led by a person in a white robe, who hid their faces behind hoods. None of them said a word when spoken to, but all except their leader removed their hoods when Ebony told them to show their faces. One of them obviously had the virus, but refused the cup of antidote offered to him by Danni. They all walked out, and the meeting was adjourned when the spooked tribe leaders walked out. The Mallrats discussed the meeting back at The Mall, and Bray asked Ebony if she recognised any of them, to which she replied that she didn't.[67]

Tai-San was injured in an explosion in the lab, and Brady had been snatched while Patsy had watched her, so Patsy had run away while Bray and an hysterical Trudy returned to The Mall. Ebony took advantage of the situation and snooped through documents in Tai-San's lab. Bray entered and told her rumor was that she was losing her touch, as security hadn't improved since Spike broke in, and warned her to get a grip so she wouldn't lose her credibility. This provoked Ebony to round up the militia to search for Patsy and Brady. She gave them thorough instructions to search and question everyone. Reluctantly, she brought Bob the dog, as he would be able to find Patsy. Ebony and the militia returned without results, and had managed to lose Bob along the way.[68]

2x10 - Finding Patsy

Searching for Patsy.

As she was going out to search on the second day, Ebony was approached by KC, who wanted her protection against Alice if he told her where Patsy was hiding. Ebony worked out that he was to blame for the explosion, and told him she would forget the rest if he told her where Patsy was. Ebony found Patsy, returned her to The Mall, and went to update Bray on Brady; still no sign. She remarked it was funny how things worked out: "Before the virus, you and I were very close. And here we are back together again, looking for Zoot and Trudy's baby. It's not easy to escape the past—or the future."[69]

After getting well, Tai-San shared the formula with Bray. Ebony voiced her support, telling Bray she was happy for him to have that power and "if I had to choose a leader, I'd rather be under you than any other guy I know." Bray thought she would have preferred to have the formula herself, and Ebony expressed her feeling that he would never change his opinion of her, no matter what she did.[70]

Dal was approached by the hooded group from the leader meeting while working at the farm. They wanted to kill him to avenge Zoot, who they spoke of as a god. Suspicion arose within The Mallrats that they were responsible for Brady's disappearance since she was Zoot's child. Ebony agreed to mount a search and assured Bray that she would be found. He voiced suspicions that Ebony recognised the weirdos at the meeting as ex-Locos, which she immediately denied. While the militia searched sectors three, four and five, Ebony located the group on her own. She approached their leader—who she recognised as Jaffa, but insisted on being called the Guardian—and proposed that they team up and take out The Mallrats, and she would give him the formula for the antidote. He was only interested in obtaining Trudy so they could complete the family—Zoot, Trudy, Brady—the sacred triangle.[71]

2x13 Trudy and Ebony

Leading Trudy to The Chosen.

Ebony convinced Trudy to follow her without telling anyone else. Trudy became suspicious of Ebony's intentions as they had never been friends, but gave Ebony the benefit of the doubt when she delivered a speech about having changed and worry for Brady's safety. Though she had kept her part of the deal, Ebony was captured and taken to a cave along with Trudy and Brady. She tried to convince the group—who referred to themselves as the Chosen—that she should be their leader instead of the Guardian, as she was special to Zoot, learnt at his feet and knew his ways. The Guardian proposed a test in purity, in which they held a burning hot piece of coal , and Zoot would bless the one who could endure longest. Ebony lost, and as such had had proven herself to be a false leader who could only do them harm. Trudy—who they called the Supreme Mother—had to make the decision whether Ebony should live or die.[72] Trudy asked to speak with Ebony alone, and said she would call them when she had made her decision. The two argued for a while, but what Trudy really wanted was an answer to why Ebony had always hated her so much—and why she took Bray from her before the virus. They discussed their mutual past and rivalry over Bray, and Ebony answered her question: "Because you had it all, a poor little rich girl getting everything she wanted."[2]

Ebony was chained up to the wall by the Chosen, but Trudy demanded her as her personal slave and she was freed from the wall, though the chains on her arms and legs stayed on. Trudy stole the Guardian's key and gave it to Ebony in exchange for her solemn word that she would bring the others straight back with her. With the help of a diversion created by Trudy, Ebony escaped and returned to the Mall.[73] There, she cut a deal with Bray: she would tell him where his niece and Trudy were in exchange for the antidote formula. Bray tried begging and threatened to tell everyone what had happened, but Ebony was about to run away, leaving Bray no other choice but to give in.

2x16 - Attacking the chosen

Facing The Chosen on the Beach.

The Mallrats and the militia went to storm the Chosen, but arrived at an empty cave. They followed them to the coast, and on Bray's orders got Trudy and Brady back without any bloodshed. Lex, who was interested in fighting the Chosen, had gone ahead in an attempt to untie their boat and leave them cornered. He was captured, and the Guardian threatened to kill him if they didn't get Trudy and Brady. Trudy walked back to the Chosen of her own will. Ebony still wanted to fight, but was stopped by Bray.[74]

The antidote and murderEdit

Ebony broke up a fight between Bray and Lex, and later proposed that Bray make her joint leader so she could deal with the Lexes of this world. Bray refused, but Ebony threatened to leave with the militia and make the antidote herself. He countered that he would make the formula known to everyone, but as Ebony pointed out, that would deprive the Mallrats of their bargaining power and Bray’s vision of a new world would dissolve into anarchy. Bray had no choice and announced her as joint leader, much to the dissatisfaction of the other members.[75] As leader, Ebony yelled at Tai-San for leaving the lab door open with the antidote lying around, and at Jack for opening the grille before she told him to during the antidote distribution. Ebony later talked to Tai-San about her security, and Tai-San expressed thoughts to distributing the formula to others so it could be spread further. Ebony thought that would be dangerous, as they would lose their influence and power, and warned Tai-San that "those who live dangerously don't often live long."[76]

Ebony demanded to see the final draft of Danni’s Bill of Rights before it was given to the other tribe leaders, to make sure nothing had "crept in". Her only objection was the punishment for murder: Ebony wanted it changed from exile to the death penalty. At the meeting, she signed the Bill and snuck away to Tai-San’s room and put poisonous crystals in Tai-San’s dose of antidote. Though intended for Tai-San, the antidote was drunk by Bob, and he died immediately.[77] When Tai-San discovered the antidote was poisoned, Bray accused Ebony, who told him she wasn’t stupid and would have done the job properly. She turned the situation around, and initiated an investigation. Ebony theorised that it would be someone who wished to destroy their source of power, and even suggested there might be a spy from the Chosen among them. All rooms were searched while the Mallrats waited in the café, and Alice found a bottle of crystals in Danni’s room. Danni was locked in the cage.[78]

2x21 - Ebony at the trial

Ebony at Danni's trial.

Danni got a fair trial due to her Bill of Rights, where Ebony tried to convince everyone that Danni was a spy for the Chosen, out to kill them all. Bray addressed the court and suggested Danni might have been framed, as he himself had once been. Tai-San was called as first witness, and Ebony examined her with a focus on her and Danni’s clash over the Bill of Rights, while Bray suggested the murderer would be someone who objected to the free distribution of the antidote. Alice was called to the stand, and flat out accused Ebony of being the killer. Ebony continued by examining Danni about her past, and she contradicted herself several times, making it obvious she was not telling the truth.[79] Bray and Danni had a five minute time out. After they returned, Bray had no further questions but revealed to everyone that he had given Ebony the formula to the antidote, and tried to put the blame on her. Ebony claimed she needed the formula to protect them from Danni, and insisted she was a spy for the Chosen. The jury reached a verdict of not guilty. Ebony was furious with Spike, as she had put him on the jury to force a guilty verdict, and he had failed her. He said he would do anything to make it up to her, so Ebony got him to leave the Mall and she fabricated a letter where Spike confessed to the attempted murder, which she showed to the Mallrats just as they were about to vote her out of the tribe.[80]

A Trading Market was opened in the Mall, and Ebony instructed everyone to say no to trades at first, in order to get the best trade possible. At the same time, she tried to avoid Alice, who was on her back because she knew Ebony had poisoned Tai-San’s antidote.[81] It was revealed that Danni’s father had created the virus by accident and kept it secret to keep his daughter safe, and Bray had known of this without telling anyone else. Ebony took the opportunity to propose herself as new leader of the Mallrats, as Bray was weak and easily manipulated. She tried to recruit followers by giving promises of what she could do after she had created an empire by selling the antidote, but her plans were cut short as Lex returned with news from the streets that the virus was gone.[82]

Ebony and her militia caught The Hunga, a previous member of the Demon Dogs, for stealing from the market. Ebony wanted to cut off his little finger as punishment, but Danni ordered to have him chained up in the sewers.

Spike's vengeance and Ebony's demonsEdit

KC approached Ebony to tell her that he overheard Spike saying he wanted vengeance for Ebony framing him. She approached him in a warehouse in Sector 9, thinking he was alone. He was with three friends, and they captured her and locked her in a cage.[83] Spike told her to beg, and he would let her go. Ebony refused, and rather offered him joint leadership of the Mall Rats instead, but Spike still insisted that she beg. Ebony kicked her soup in his face, and he promised that he would break her. As night fell, Ebony had visions of Zoot locking her inside a steel locker.[84] Spike tried to scare her by putting a spider on her, but she guessed that it was someone's pet and therefore harmless, and was not moved. 

Ebony's visions of Zoot continued. She asked him for food and was given a carton with a live rat inside, before being shut in darkness again. Zoot later opened the door to ask her if she hated, to which she responded that she hated because she had no one. He told her to rot with her pathetic feelings and shut the door. Zoot promised to let her go if she begged, but she knew it would make her unworthy of being his woman. Spike decided to abandon Ebony and left her for dead in a steel locker. Her last words before he taped over her mouth were "See you in hell!" Her visions of Zoot continued, where she finally gave in and begged on her knees. She was freed from the cabinet by Alice and Tai-San.[85]

Ebony was brought to her room in the Mall, where her nightmares of Zoot continued. Tai-San tried to comfort Ebony, but Ebony cowered from her and was left alone. In her visions, Zoot had let her out and disowned her because she begged. She decided to leave and told him "Goodbye, Zoot. Think of me some time." She claimed that she begged out of fear of never seeing Zoot again - not death, and she was still good enough to be his woman. He ordered her to beg again, but she refused. Zoot approved and told her to hate the way she loved. Lex hassled Ebony, who just wanted to be left alone, but was taken out of her room and set him straight.

An angry mob attacked the Mall, so Tai-San pleaded with Ebony to come and control them. Only when Tai-San mentioned that Bray got attacked, Ebony listened. She took control of the mob and delivered a speech about everything the Mall Rats had done for the City, which received cheers and jubilations.[86] Tai-San thanked Ebony for saving them, but Ebony was in no mood to celebrate and still wanted to be left alone in her room. Bray and Danni came to talk about the militia, wanting Ebony to lead it, using her gifts for peace and progress. Ebony showed no interest in anything and turned her back on them. Tai-San brought Ebony an infusion of herbs to make her feel better, and Ebony revealed that she felt let down by anyone she ever trusted. Ebony denied that she had feelings for Bray, but still mentioned the girls that were always in her way, before telling Tai-San to get off her case. Bray again came to speak to her about the militia, but Ebony twisted his words to mean that she was only useful to do his dirty work, and blamed  him for disregarding her feelings. While Ebony reminisced over her past with Bray, Ellie came to ask for her opinion on publishing the truth on Danni's father and the virus in The Antidote, which would turn everyone against Danni. Despite the opportunity to hurt Danni, Ebony told her not to publish.[87]

Ebony eventually got out of bed. Lex tormented her about Spike once more. Ebony went to Bray, who again told her she was needed to keep order in the City. She liked the sound of working together with Bray, and expressed concern for Danni and Ellie's article. Ebony took charge of the militia, and discovered that Lex had lost all the tokens for the market, which cost him his job as Market Supervisor. While Ebony was working late, Tai-San came to ask her why she didn't just tell Bray how she felt about him, saying she didn't think Ebony would give up on anything without a fight.[88]

Ebony and the militia chased a token thief in the market, but were obstructed by a group who accused the Mall Rats of being the real thieves, taking the best of everything. Ebony wanted the thief brought to court.

The Mall Rats were at a dance party where Ebony danced solo as first, but Bray asked her to be his partner for the dance competition after some persuation from Tai-San, Jack, KC and Danni, who Bray initially danced with. They were announced as the winners. Ebony expected Bray to join her, but he left her alone.[89]

The day after, Ebony revealed to Tai-San that she felt "so stupid, so unsure of myself; so exposed." But last night with Bray, she felt like a whole person and it brought back everything she felt for him. Tai-San told her to follow her heart, not deny it. Ebony set up a meeting with Bray and an informer, but she was the only one who showed up. She passionately revealed her true feelings to him; that she loved him. Bray believed it to be another one of her games, and told her she was a liar, heartless and manipulative. He walked away while Ebony broke down. As she came back to the Mall, she saw Danni kissing Bray and leading him into her room. As she went to the sewers to cry, Trudy returned and walked past Ebony without a word.[90]

Season 3Edit

At the start of season three Ebony rescues Bray and Lex from the buggy accident and the escape into the hills. With Dal and led by Pride they are taken to the Eco camps, and Ebony's deceit comes into light when it is found Amber is still alive. Ebony had lied and manipulated the woman into hiding and staying on the hilltop, lying to the Mallrats about her death in the explosion. Despite this, the two forgive her, knowing that they needed her help. Alongside the rebels (mainly the Bray, Lex, Ebony trio), they accomplish some feats such as destroying one of the Chosen's fuel warehouses (thus setting the Chosen's plans 6 months behind), rescuing some pregnant captives and staging a puppet show mocking The Guardian.

After the defeat of the Chosen, Ebony makes a secret deal with Moz and secures herself the role of City leader via a combination of manipulation and charisma. She was also only person who knew about who Ned being the kidnapper of Amber and Trudy (other than Ned himself and the victims). Naturally, she used this piece of information for her own political agenda. When Ebony became city leader, she banishes Bray and a heavily pregnant Amber because of the couple's growing suspicion of her and Moz's leadership, Bray's rejection toward her and her motto - 'all or nothing, I couldn't play it any other way'.

Season 4Edit

In season four, when the Technos invade, Ebony is finally reunited with her sisters, whom she had persuaded Zoot to throw out of the Locos. Both Java and Siva were bitter towards her for what she had done, constantly warning Ram about her being 'poison' and complaining about being her bodyguards (a role perversely assigned by Ram).
T4 cassies-1-

Java, Ebony and Siva

As the season progresses, Ebony and Jay develop a secret relationship which had emerged from their numerous meetings as city leader and general. Unsurprisingly, the Mall Rats and the city become skeptical of Ebony's loyalties. In the start of the season, Ebony leads an attack on the Technos in 'cooperation' with Jay. While some like Lex praise Ebony for her act of self-sacrifice by taking responsibility for the attack, others are not convinced. Pride joins an underground resistance without Ebony and Ellie attempts to assassinate Ebony twice after her belief of Ebony's involvement in Jack's capture. Mistrust only simmers when Ram moves into the Horton-Bailey Hotel in order to be 'closer' to Ebony. Further motivated by the food crisis, the city sees Ebony as a 'betrayer', as shown in one scene where the city dwellers throw rocks at her.

Impressed by Ebony's wit and wanting to complete the 'set', Ram had plans for her to be his third wife, despite her being a 'virt'. All three sisters his. Tricking Ebony into marrying him in a reality-space wedding, she along with Jay manage to trick him back and the two runaway together.

Season 5Edit

Visions of ZootEdit

S05xEP01 234

Ebony, with Jay, having visions of Zoot in the streets.

Zoot appeared to Ebony in the hotel once more. She was distraught, but still believed it to be a trick. Zoot said he was disappointed in her lack of faith. "Don't you remember what I told you when we became one? I told you we'd always be together—that one day we would see my prophecies fullfilled. That time has arrived. Power and chaos, Ebony, remember? Power and chaos!" Ebony ran to Jay for comfort, who told her on their way back to the mall that he still wanted to be together, just not in the woods as they had planned. She later found him in the café having a conversation with Amber, and got the wrong idea, reacting defensively. The electricity suddenly went out, and a paranoid Ebony thought they were under attack and said "this is it; this is the beginning" before running off to her room. Trudy came to check up on her, and Ebony urged her to take her kid and get out of there. Seeing Zoot behind her, she told Trudy he was back, but Trudy couldn't see him and concluded Ebony must be exhausted.[91]

S05xEP02 100

Ebony freezing Jay out.

Jay tried to find out what was going on, asking her what she meant by "this is the beginning," but she didn't let him in, hardly responding and not even looking at him. She was later informed by Mouse that Amber and Jay had gone to the hotel together, and went there to find them. Ebony was jealous and angry, believing them to be an item and talking about her. Jay said Amber had told him about Ebony's visions of Zoot and he wanted to help her. Ebony thought he couldn't, since it was really happening, and not in her head. She admitted she was frightened and pleaded with Jay to "please don't leave me."[92]

S05xEP04 564

Ebony shares her visions with Java.

Ebony continued having nightmares of Zoot and spent most of the time alone in her room. Her insecurities about Jay grew, making her very sensitive to any perceived rejection and causing her to shut him out even more. Meanwhile, the rumor of Zoot's return had spread, and mobs outside were shouting "Zoot lives!" Ebony said if Jay really wanted to help, he could take her away like he promised, but he couldn't do that. A vision of Zoot told her "She's claiming him for her own. There's nothing you can do to stop that now," further fuelling her paranoia. She went to visit Java, who was imprisoned in a room at the hotel. She made her believe that Jay had been obsessed with Amber and they had been an item for a long time. Hearing Zoot's voice again, Ebony announced to Java that "I've seen Zoot, and I must spread his message to the world."[93]

S05xEP06 548

Ebony follows Zoot's police car.

Ebony confronted Jay about his relationship with Amber again, and he insisted that she was being destroyed by her visions, and nothing was going on between them. She later went to see Java again, believing her visions even more, going as far as calling Zoot a God and a prophet. Java told her she could see him too.[94] Siva visited Ebony to complain about Lex, and Ebony told her she could soon have any man she wanted, because the chaos was coming again and it was their turn to rule. When Jay came to talk, Ebony acted all unattainable and broke up with him. Amber accused her of trying to bring them down by talking to the tribal leaders and organizing the Zoot campaign, but Ebony insisted that he really had returned. She later saw Zoot's police car passing by in the streets and said "You want me to follow? I'll follow."[95]

Ebony visited Java for confirmation that she really had seen Zoot. Java said he had visited her again with instructions that the time was near and they must be ready, and concluded that Zoot wanted the sisters to work together. Thus, Ebony freed her sister frrom her confinement at the hotel.[96]

Bride of Zoot Edit

The three sisters went to their old high school and claimed it as their own base, because it was the place where Ebony first saw Zoot. Java and Siva wanted help to secure the place, but Ebony thought it unnecessary because Zoot would protect them. Shortly after moving in, Ebony had another vision of Zoot and announced to her sisters that she would be his bride. They held a wedding ceremony conducted by Java with Siva as bridesmaid.[97]

Allied once more with the Mallrats, Ebony is targeted by the Techno Mega and her sister Java. They feed her reality space visions of Zoot slowly turning her insane. Caught up by these visions and suspicious of Amber's burgeoning closeness with Jay, Ebony estranges herself from Jay and their relationship sours. During this time she starts the Zootists Tribe, Siva tries to warn her that Java is using her to scare the people, but she doesn't listen. One night Slade comes into her room, but before they get to talk, Siva interups them. When Siva has to leave the city, she goes to Liberty. When Java tries to kidnap her, Slade comes in with his motorbike and saves her, and they go to Liberty. A mutual attraction is present between the two (Slade & Ebony), but Ebony becomes jealous of Ruby's apparent affection for the man, despite his attention always being on her. After getting over the insanity threatening to overtake, she joins the resistance against Java and Mega.

Slade and ebony

Slade and Ebony

Ram then brings Java to Liberty, and Ebony and Java have a face off. At the face off Ebony refuses to fight so Java shoots but Siva jumped into the way and out of anger, Ebony shoots Java. Only Ebony survives so she must mourn both her sisters deaths. She said one night "she loved them just as much as she hated them". After then she forms a relationship with Slade, angering Ruby and they later on have a catfight, with Ebony having the upper hand, but they are stopped by Ram who was very close to killing Ebony for Java's death, but doesn't.

When she suspects Ruby of being pregnant with Slade's baby, she pushes the woman in front of a truck as they escape the impending doom of another virus about to be set upon the city inhabitants. As the Mallrats flee on the boat, Ellie and Salene inform her that Ruby was never pregnant, leaving Ebony feeling guilty.

A New WorldEdit

In A New World, Ebony is as scheming and manipulative as always, which leads to her breakup with Slade for being insensitive about Mega's death. She then abandons the Mallrats on the Jzhao Li, and strikes out on her own once again.


Main article: Tribestyle/Ebony

Ebony's signature colors were black and red. Permanent features of her facial make-up were a red flame on her forehead and a dark "bandit mask" across her eyes, of which only the design would change. One of Ebony's distinctive features was her blonde, braided hair, which would often be decorated with feathers. 

Ebony always wore black leather pants cut off in places to reveal her legs and thighs. Most of her tops were of red leather and cut to reveal her midriff and cleavage. Apart from one instance of a red jacket, she always sported a long, black coat.



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