Deamon Dogs

Demon Dogs

The Demon Dogz have been in constant turf war with the most powerful Tribe of the city, the Locos. The war only ceased once the Locos had finally disbanded. It is not entirely known where the Demon Dogz resided, however their home was close to Loco territory. They did control warehouses stocked full with supplies, one of which Bray raided to get things for Trudy's child in Series 1.

Demon Dogz are usually outfitted in skin-tight clothing of either a dark black or a deep red hue. Designed with straps and cuts, their leather outfits are easily identifiable, the red balaclavas around their mouths also help to identify them as Demon Dogs.

Since their appearance at the beginning of Season one, and various mentions throughout, they faded into obscurity, even after the Locusts disbanded and Ebony joined the Mallrats. They help defeat Mega at the end of series 5.

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