In Season 2, Bray found her when he was looking for answers to the antidote, he stumbled upon a government building (Danni's fathers apartment) Danni held Bray at gunpoint with a crossbow and Bray explained what he was doing there.

Danni (25)
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Possibly in captivity


The Mallrats


Co-leader of The Mallrats (with Bray)

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First appearance

Series 2 Episode 1

Last appearance

Series 2 Episode 52

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Ella Wilks

In her first few appearance's Danni was seen as an outsider by the mallrats, as she was pushy and secretive, but after a while of settling into the tribe she was able to build trust and seemed keen to build a new world

Danni was often seen as a replacement for Amber, both in joint leading the tribe with Bray.


During series two, she established the beginnings of a judicial system for the kids and drafted a bill of rights. It was discovered by Ellie that Danni's father was one of the scientists responsible for creating the virus. Danni had tried to keep this secret but Bray managed to find out about it and not long after thanks to Ellie's and Jack's research the rest of the Mallrats came to know of Danni's past. Despite blaming herself for her fathers part in the virus, the Tribe accepted her as one of the Mallrats and she takes a joint leadership role within the group.

With the help of Bray she bands together the Tribal leaders of the city to try and bring some order to the chaos around them. However as the Chosen close in, things get shaky and Danni was last seen at the end of series two when she went to a meeting of tribe leaders in the city. The meeting was taken over by the Chosen, and Danni was taken prisoner. The Mallrats had found this out, and they managed to get Danni back.

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But Lex insisted on not allowing the chosen to escape this time, so Lex goes ahead in a buggy and Bray and the Mallrats head to the beach and cut the chosen off to try and stop them escaping with Trudy and Brady but they were out numbered. There is a fight but with the chosen having triple figures of people in the fight the mall rats are soon rounded up as prisoners sat on the sand.

Trudy steps off a horse and as the Guardian shouts "Almighty Zoot Hear me, It is done." Danni stands up and yells "NO!" she ran forward and was knocked out with a hit in the stomach and across her back by a chosen Guard.

In Series 3, she is taken away with the other tribe leaders and the Guardian tells Bray she was executed.

In The Tribe: A New Dawn, images were shown of Ryan, Patsy, Paul, KC, Danni and Alice to Tai-San possibly hinting that they are all captives of The Collective.