Here are some of the many crew jobs:Edit


Raymond Thompson

  • Script writing - Harry Duffin
Ideas/input and scripts from the Script Consultant
  • Set building
Re-dressing of the Phoenix Mall and construction of other sets and rooms at Cloud 9
  • Casting
Arranging new and old cast members to fit the character for the upcoming series
  • DOP (Director of Photography)/Camera operator
The DOP is in charge of filming and lighting and is also a camera operator on-set
  • Grip
the person who looks after everything the camera sits on, including dolly's and tripods and helps it move during filming
  • Camera assistant
Helsp the camera operator
  • Still Photagrapher
Responsible for all the still photos taken over the series.
  • Gaffer
Person that sets up the lights and looks after the light equipment
  • Best Boy
The Gaffer's assistant
  • Lighting Assistant
Assist in setting up the lights for each scene
  • Sound recordist
Records the dialogue in each scene, checks for outside noise such as birds or planes and ensures the sound quality is as good as possible for the day
  • Boom Operator
The person that holds the microphone as close to the actors mouth as possible without being seen
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