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Series 3, DVD collection.

Series three starts with some of the Mallrats being held prisoner in the mall as the Chosen make it their head-quarters. However, the Mallrats who were not captured (Lex, Bray and Ebony) leave the city. They come across a group called the Gaians, or Eco Tribe, whose leader is Amber (now called Eagle), previously believed to have been killed at Eagle Mountain with Zandra. It is revealed that Ebony met the injured Amber after the explosion and convinced her she had no future with Bray, as they (Ebony and Bray) had already had a child before the virus. Amber had agreed to let Ebony make the Mallrats think she had died. A resistance is set up by some members of the Mallrats and both the Supreme Mother (Trudy) and the Divine Child escape the city. Eventually the rebels overcome The Chosen and win back the city with the help of countryside-tribes. A city wide election is held, and Ebony craftily manages to elected herself as the City Leader. She expels several Mall Rats from the city, including Bray and Amber, and makes herself a virtual dictator.

This series heralds an almost mass exodus of many of the familiar and long-running cast members from series 1, including Patsy and Ryan (who are taken away by The Chosen) and Dal (who fell to his death). A trend of introducing expendable, short-term characters, such as Andy, Tally and Ned, is started. In fact, Pride is the only character introduced in Series 3 who also appears in the proceeding Series.

Series 3 also shows two strong couples together for much of the season: Tai-San and Lex, and Amber and Bray. Tai-San and Lex struggle to maintain their marriage, despite Lex's blinding jealousy of Tai-San's bond with the Guardian and her problems with Lex's corruption as city sheriff. Amber and Bray mainly find solid ground and conceive a child together. They balance their private life with their public ones as leaders. Salene and Ryan also conceive a child but it is lost when Salene falls down some stairs. Ryan is taken away by the Chosen after attacking the Guardian, because he was told he would not be allowed to see his baby under the religious rules.

The series ends on a cliffhanger, with Amber being left to deliver her baby alone in a barn and with the sight of airplanes flying over the city: a sight not seen since before the virus hit. Can it be the adults?

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