Caleb Ross played Lex in the Tribe.

Caleb Ross was born on the 10th of December 1981 in Whangarei, New Zealand he is mostly known for playing the part of Lex in the TV show The Tribe he was a bit of a bad boy and he was really angry all the time.

At the start of the show he got chased by Zoot and the Locos and then he ended up getting locked in a cage by Jack because he was chasing Amber, Dal, Patsy, Paul, Cloe and Salene but they ended up letting him out and he joined them and they all made there own little tribe and called themselves the Mallrats.

He ended up marrying Zandra but they weren't married long before she died in an explosion up on Eagle Mountain. Lex was so upset he wouldn't talk to anyone for a while because he lost two people that day because it turned out that Zandra was pregnant no one knew just exactly how hurt he was until he turned to drink that's all he would ever do day and night but all the Mallrats helped him to fight it.

He then tells Tai-San his true feelings for her then they later get married but that doesn't last long either because first they get separated by the Chosen for a while until the resistance defeated them then just as they are all trying to move on from that the Technos arrived and they took a lot of people away Tai-San included.

Lex thinks she is dead and he starts a relationship with Siva one of the Techno women and Tai-San comes back for a little while but she is now one of the Technos and Lex is really confused because he loves Siva but at the same time he still loves Tai-San.


  • Caleb Ross has appeared in the most episodes. He is only absent the one where the Pre-Tribe story of Bray, Trudy, Ebony and Zoot is told.
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