Ari Boyland
Ari Boyland played KC in The Tribe. He appeared from series 1 to 3 and in one episode in series 5.

KC started stealing from the Mallrats in season 1, Lex feels that KC is just like him, and KC looks up to Lex as a role model [not good]. KC follows Lex around for a will, and soons started helping Jack with the windmill and they become friends. KC later doesn't look up to Lex, he is now his own person and does stuff for himself. KC gets into trouble one day with a tribe, and soon that tribe is all over the Mallrats, the Mallrats fight back, but can't. KC saves Lex's girl and Lex is happy for that, as Lex still feels responsilbe for him. In season 4 when Cloe gets back from when the chosen, KC get feelings for her, but Cloe isn't into that. KC later on gets take by the Techno's and we don't see him until season 5.

In 2009, he appeared in Power Rangers RPM as Flynn McAllistair, Ranger Operator Series Blue.  He would later lend his voice in Power Rangers Samurai where he voiced the monster Vulpes.  He is the second actor from Power Rangers RPM to be involved with the following season, the first being Eka Darville (Scott Truman, Ranger Operator Series Red), who worked under the pseudonym Tobias Reiss in the episode Clash of the Red Rangers, only providing Scott's voice.