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11 or 12




The Mallrats

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Behind the scenes


First appearance

Series 3 Episode 18

Last appearance

Series 3 Episode 52

Portrayed by

James Ordish

"I hate that cow!" - Andy

Andy is Ned's little brother and Tally's twin. Andy and Tally learned to be thieves at school, so they know all the best scamming tricks. Together with the Mall Rats' little gangster KC they make a great team.

Andy is first seen with Tally when Pride goes to meet up with Amber. The two say they are lost and when Pride's back is turned, he is captured by Ned. He and Tally then show Pride their skills of persuasion when they con food out of travelers. When they arrive in the city to trade Pride when they themselves are captured and are put to work in the mall. Andy and Tally fall under KC's wing and begin to scam and gamble along with him. KC then makes Andy steal the Guardian's ring, while it's still on his insane hand.

Andy becomes the first person to find out that the Guardian is just putting on an act and isn't really insane. When he tries to tell people about the Guardian they just shrug it off and think he's playing a game.

Andy is then blackmailed into feeding the Guardian by Lex. This makes Andy frightened as the Guardian continues to threaten him. Finally he gives up trying to feed the Guardian and Lex is left to coerce Tai-San into feeding the Guardian himself.

When Lex begins to get money from Luke he gives two M's to Andy as service to him, however Andy is confused as he attempts to buy things with them but finds that they are worthless. He then begins to resent the Mall Rats and he tries to stay away from them.

He and Tally are captured by the Technos when they invade the city and their fate remains unknown.